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Improv Training is revolutionary

These innovative ideas are at the heart of success in the workplace.

30-Minute Meeting Boost      


We drop in on your next meeting for a quick injection of interactive improv that gets everyone loose, laughing, and appreciating each other (and your shared mission). Whether it’s your end-of-week Happy Hour or something to shake up your Wednesday, we'll make it memorable.

"Our session with Hideout really helped our team connect in a way that we haven't been able to since quarantine began. It taught us really great activities we can utilize going forward to shake the cobwebs and feel re-energized." —Tilted Chair

Virtual Improv Teambuilding


Give your team a fun, low-pressure introduction to improv comedy and how it can transform their ability to work, play and take risks together. If you still have budget set aside for training in these bumpy times, we deliver delightful and meaningful bang for your buck.

Private Shows


Hire a crack team of Hideout improvisers to entertain your organization. A gut-busting showcase of games and scenes made up completely in the moment based on your suggestions with tons of audience interaction. 

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