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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do we get started?

A: Contact us through the website, or shoot us an email at and let’s start a conversation about your event. If you’d like the executive summary for either yourself or to share with people at work download this PDF.



Q: What can we expect from professional development with the Hideout?

A: We specialize in team building and training programs that use the fundamental principles of improvisation for maximum engagment and efficiency. As Austin’s premier improv comedy theater (established in 1999) we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations; our trainers are professional, punctual and passionate about what they do. Our curriculum of games, exercises and playful interactions gets participants up on their feet not just learning about transformational ideas but experiencing them in action and developing sticky strategies to make risk, support, positivity and genuine connectedness a sustainable part of the workplace. Improv can increase employee satisfaction and productivity, reducing turnover and delivering serious ROI. Still not exactly sure what a session looks like? Check out this outline of a typical training



Q: How much does it cost?

A: Prices depend on a variety of factors. Contact us and we'll ask a bunch of questions, answer all of your questions and figure out what the right fit is for your group. (Spoiler alert: we're surprisingly affordable). 



Q: Who have you worked with?

A: We’ve worked with companies like Google, Whole Foods, GSD&M, Dell, UT McCombs School of Business and they all love us. You can see stories and testimonials on Our Clients page.



Q: Can I test drive business improv at the Hideout?

A: If you’d like to sample an improv class, we offer a free version of our adult classes program twice a month; this isn't exactly the same as our corporate offerings, but it's a great way to see basic improv training in action. We also encourage you to check out our weekly shows; you can see the full schedule on our Upcoming Show Schedule, and we specifically recommend the The Big Bash, Fridays at 8pm as a showcase of our best performers in a professional show designed for company outings, dates, special events, and more.



Q: What exactly is improv?

A: Improvisation is doing and saying things "in the moment" without a specific plan or script. The Hideout Theatre is a professional improv comedy theater – we produce shows every weekend in which performers make up characters, dialogue, stories and hilarity inspired by audience suggestions – but improv can be found in all areas of art, life and work, especially when creative collaboration is required. Check out this video on how the brain works during improvisation. 



Q: What is improv training?

A: Hideout At Work asks you to incorporate improvisation into your day-to-day and embrace the risk-taking, positivity and playfulness that allow you to do what you do better and have more fun doing it. Operating at a high level of performance means regularly stepping into the unknown and dealing with the unexpected; instead of letting that vulnerability stress you out, we'll give you the tools to lower your expectations and celebrate your mistakes to shockingly effective results. The same tools we use to create collaborative theater in an instant, to make obviousness and failure look like genius, and to delight audiences are the same tools you can use to work more enjoyably and productively. Check out what we have to offer here.


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